Reviews of Dawna's CD; Love & Loss 

"Hammers is a solid player and has a pleasant voice. She also has a knack for melding jazz melodies and pop constructs."  "Bungalow Baby" is a bouncy, Randy Newman-esque charmer."  "How Could You" is an effective, moody heartbreaker as is "Surrender. Her take on Joni Mitchell's "River" does the famed folk singer justice."  Dan Bolles Seven Days Vermont 

"Hammers elegant piano playing & emotional singing about human relationships bring to mind the Carole King/Joni Mitchell era of the early 1970's."  Brent Hallenbeck Burlington Free Press 

Quotes from Fans 
“Whenever I hear those great songs from 40 some odd years ago like Cat Stevens' "Peace Train", The Youngbloods' "Get Together", Mama Cass' "New World Coming", The 5th Dimension's "Aquarius/Let The Sunshine In" and The Staple Singers' "I'll Take You There", I sometimes get to thinking how sad it is that our planet and our country have become so cynical, negative, and intolerant.  And unfortunately, this is reflected in the popular music of our time too.  I have said to myself - and to whoever else that will listen - "Nobody writes songs like those anymore..." But here come your CDs and by God, Dawna Hammers is writing and singing them IN OUR TIME!  Uplifting, heartfelt, and spiritual songs about peace, brotherhood, tolerance, equality, and love! So I have to tell you Dawna, you are one of the bright lights of our time and your music most certainly IS making a difference in the world.”  Stormy Hunter, CA 

"What a powerful album, Dawna.  It took me to those places in my heart where love and loss still live.  What deeply moving music.  You are truly a gifted musician. My favorite song was, 'Just Ain't Ready'.  It had that undefinable magic quality, where everything came together and captured all of me.  I loved all the elements, including the wonderful hook, your jazzy vocals, great lyrics, penetrating melody, and perfect reflection of mood as only  the piano can deliver.  Awesome. Your others songs were deeply felt as well, but I especially loved your first song, 'Mourning Dove', and the last one, 'I'm Ready'.  The last one was the happy ending to the whole CD for me.   Jennifer Vyhnak, VT 

Quotes about Dawna's recording of "River" by Joni Mitchell on her new cd! 
“As always, your interpretation, expression, and honey-like vocal melt deep into my heart and tear ducts.”   Dennis Pearne 

"Excellent!”  Aaron Freidman; Make Music New York 

“Absolutely beautiful recording of one of my favorite songs. The composition of voice and piano is stunning. Thank you so much for sharing this recording Dawna.”   Gary Dulabaum 

Quotes about Dawna's CD; One Spirit; 

“I want to let you know how much both Sean and I are enjoying your CD!  So many songs on there are our favorites.  I especially like Pray, One Spirit (That's Sean's favorite), and Women of the World.  It fills me with peace and calm on my way to and from work or in other stressful times.” Meg Dunham UU in Burlington 

“We were at the Champlain Vally Fair and were fortunate to hear you sing and play! It was beautiful and yes, spiritual :) I bought your One Spirit CD and have enjoyed it. Since that  day, I have thought of you and your inspiring Message”   Barrie and Mike Beauvais  VT 

Quotes about Dawna's Teaching 
"Dawna has been teaching our 7 and 9 year old sons for about 9 months.  She was their first teacher and has succeeded in making them really enjoy playing the piano.  She works with each child to understand their personality and structure her approach to make it fun and productive for the child.  She does not have a "one size fits all" cookbook approach.  My wife and I were most pleased when we noticed that our sons would gravitate to the piano on their own to play when they wanted to relax."  Doug & Lisa Merrill, Shelburne, VT   

"Dawna's the only music teacher that encouraged my son to write his own songs!"  Kip Antinozzi: Shelburne, VT

"Dawna is a wonderful teacher and always finds creative ways to keep children engaged and interested while making sure that music fundamentals are understood and proper technique followed.  Most importantly though, Dawna's love and enthusiasm for music is contagious! "  Peg Rosenau 

“I love you so much and I wanna thank you for teaching me many things about music. If it weren’t for you I probably wouldn't love music to death today. Thank you so much for everything. It really means a lot”  Ella Scales  Boston (Former “Dawna & the Dreamers” student)

Resume    Music for the Heart & Soul  by Dawna Hammers


Grew up in a musical home; Father was a jazz sax & clarinetist & pharmacist, mother a tap dancer & nurse.

Graduate of Weymouth So. High School in 1977, Studied Music, Art & English, and attended the following year as a post graduate for more music studies.  Received “Art History”, “Good Citizenship” &  “Choral” Awards  

Studied piano & voice lessons privately with from ages 10-17 

Attended Berklee College of Music in 1978-79.  Majored in Piano & Voice and was part of the Berklee Choir.

Performed popular music in a band called “Polaris” all over New England from 1979-1980  (Keyboardist,Vocalist and Percussionist)

Began performing at Churches , Peace Rallies and Coffeehouses throughout MA

Recorded own original songs from 1980 until present.  Has produced two tapes and 3 CD’s so far and plan to do many more.

Began teaching children music at the Old Colony Montessori School in Hingham, MA from 1987 - 2000. Also the music teacher at Thacher Montessori School in Milton, MA from 1998 -2001.  Currently music teacher at 3  schools in Vermont.

Began teaching children piano lessons in 1986 until present. Average 25 per wk!

Joined Internationally acclaimed, New Age choir “On Wings of Song” conducted by Robert Gass and sang on several recordings/cds.

Studied “Spirit Song” with Shawna Carol;  a therapeutic & sacred way of singing 

Began performing and teaching at many “healing & retreat centers”  such as Kripalu Yoga Center in Lenox, MA and  The Omega Institute in Rhinebeck, NY.

Studied Cherokee, Buddhist teachings with Dhyani Ywahoo at the Sunray Meditation Society

Studied African Drum, Chant and Dance with Nigerian Drum Master and American Legend; Babatunde Olatunji

The following is a list of schools, churches, healing centers and organizations with whom Dawna has brought her music & abilities to;


Unitarian Universalist;  Burlington, Strafford &  Rutland , VT, Newton, Hingham, Weymouth, Norwell, Scituate, Duxbury, Falmouth, Taunton, Stoughton, Ashby &   Boston,  MA, Rhode Island, Prince Edward Island, CAN, Long Beach, CA 2003 General Assembly, United Nations Chapel in New York City

Spiritualist Churches    Quincy & Watertown, MA

Science of Mind Churches  Quincy & Warwick, RI

Congregational   Weymouth, Hingham,  Scituate & in Vermont

Catholic  St. Paul’s, Hingham, MA

Unity of Cape Cod    Hyannis, MA


Heartworks/Renaissance School          Shelburne, VT          2004- 2008

Barnes Elementary School          Burlington, VT          2007 - 2008

Stockbridge Elementary School           Stockbridge, VT          2002-2004

Granville Elementary School           Granville, VT          2003 - 2004

Hancok Elementary School          Hancock, VT          2004-2005

Vermont Independent School of the Arts           Sharon, VT          2002-2004

Sharon Elementary School           Sharon, VT          Special programs

Rochester Elementary School           Rochester, VT          Special programs

Old Colony Montessori School           Hingham, MA                     1987-2000

Thacher Montessori School           Milton, MA           1998-2000

Plymouth River School           Hingham, MA             special programs

South Elementary School          Hingham, MA               special programs

Foster Elementary School           Hingham, MA               special programs

Derby Academy           Hingham, MA           1996

Milton Academy           Milton, MA           1999

St. Ann’s           Quincy, MA           1998

St. Josephs           Salem, NH           1997 & 1998


Summer Enrichment Acadamy          Shelburne, VT          2005-2008

Creative Kids Camp          Hingham & VT          1997 - 2008

Tower Country Day Camp           Hingham, MA                  Summer of 1993

The Company Theater           Norwell, MA           1999 - 2001

Healing Centers

The Omega Institute          Rhinebeck, NY          1996 - present

Kripalu Center for Yoga           Lenox, MA           1992 - present

Inner Harmony           Rochester, VT          2003-2004

Beyond Infinity           Brandon, VT           2003-2004


Unitarian Universalist Musicians Network National           2008

Unititarian Universalist United Nations          NYC           2003-2006

Sunray Meditation Society           Lincoln, Vermont                  1990 - present

Intn. Women’s League of Peace & Freedom   Vermont           2007

American Friends Service Committee              Vermont           2008

Gifford Medical Health Center           Randolph, VT           2006

Environmental Protection Agency          Boston, MA

Coalition for a Stong United Nations              Boston, MA

Womens Action for Nuclear Disarm.      Boston & Newton

Stand High / Stand United           Roxbury, MA

Germantown Neighborhood Assoc.                  Quincy, MA

Human Rights Commission           Quincy, MA           

IMPACT           Quincy, MA

M.D.C. & Harbor Cruises           Hingham/Boston, MA

So. Shore Arts Center          Cohasset, MA

Duxbury Arts Center          Duxbury, MA            .... and many more!!!


Dawna's new "Alive Falmouth 2020" video now on YouTube!