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   Music for the Heart & Soul  by Dawna Hammers
         What a Wonderful World            Louis Armstrong
         You Go to my Head                       Fred Coots
         As Time Goes By                           Herman Hopfeld
         My Funny Valentine                       Rodgers & Heart
         I’ve Got it Bad                                 Duke Ellington
         Body and Soul
         Crystal Silence                               Chick Corea                                  
         But Beautiful                                  Van Heusen/Burke
         Beautiful Love                                Victor Young
        Wouldn’t Have Made                     Todd Rundgren
         Dance With Me                              Orleans
         Don’t Know Why                            Nora Jones
         Crystal Blue Persuasion                T. James & the Shondells    
         Desafinado                                      Antonio Carlos Jobim 
         Black Orpheus                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                   
        Girl From Ipanema         

         One Note Samba        
         Quiet Night                                                                                         
         Once I Loved
         So Nice
         Sweetest Taboo                            Sade
         No Ordinary Love         
         Oye Como Va                                Carlos Santana
         Comin’  Around Again                 Carly Simon
         Alfie                                                 Burt Bacfrach
         I Can See Clearly Now                 Johnny Nash
         She’s Not There                            The Zombies
         Summertime                                  George Gershwin
         God Bless the Child                      Holliday & Herzog
         Don’t Explain
         Do You Know What it Means        
         Come Sunday                                Duke Ellington
         Give Me One Reason                   Tracy Chapman
         Walkin’ in Memphis                      Marc Kohn
         My Baby Grand                             Ray Charles & Billie Joel
         Money                                             Pink Floyd
         Steam Roller Blues                        James Taylor
         Round Midnight                             Theloneous Monk
         Billie’s Blues                                    Laura Nyro
         When Sunny Get’s Blue                
         Blue Motel Room                           Joni Mitchell
         Lullabye of Birdland
         My Favorite Things                        Rodgers & Hammerstein
         Sunny Side of the Street               Fields & McHugh
         Moondance                                     Van Morrison
         One                                                  Three Dog Night
         Sunny                                              Bobby Hebb
        Soft Rock                                
        Woodstock                                     Joni Mitchell
         Big Yellow Taxi
         Both Sides Now
         Circle Game 
         Blue Motel Room

         Case of You

        Cactus Tree

        For Free

        Raised on Robbery


         I Can’t Make You Love Me           Bonny Raite
         Fields of Gold                               Sting
         Your Song                                     Elton John
         Look to the Sky                             Train
         Paradise                                        Coldplay      
         Someone Like You                        Adele
         Smilen’ Face                                 James Taylor
        The Secret of Life
         Don’t Let me be Lonely                         
         Fire & Rain                                   
         Steam Roller Blues
         So Far Away                                 Carole King
         You’ve Got a Friend
         Too Late Baby
         I Feel the Earth
         True Colors                                   Cyndi Lauper
         Time After Time
         Wild World                                    Cat Stevens
         Your Song                                     Elton John
         1000 Miles                                    Vanessa Carlton    
         Angel                                             Sarah MacGachlan
         Moondance                                   Van Morrison
         Crazy Love                                            
         Into the Mystic
         Strong Enough                              Sheryle Crow
         Landslide                                       Fleetwood Mac
         Say that You Love Me
         From A Distance                            Julie Gold
         The Rose                                       Bette Midler
         Wind Beneath My Wings
       Classic Rock
         Dream On                                      Aerosmith
         Dreams                                          Fleetwood Mac
         Piano Man                                     Billie Joel
         Baby Grand
         River of Dreams
         Wild Horses                                   Rolling Stones
         She’s Not There                            The Zombies
         Let it Be                                         The Beatles
         Help From My Friends
         Maybe I’m Amazed
         All You Need is Love
         Here Comes the Sun
         When I'm Sixty Four
         What’s Going On?                         Marvin Gaye
         American Pie                                 Don McLean
         Moondance                                   Van Morrison
         Runaway                                       Del Shannon
         Spinning Wheel                             Chicago
         One                                               Three Dog Night
         Walkin on Sunshine                      Katrina & the Waves
         Purple Rain                                   Prince
         In the Air                                       Phil Collins
         Happy                                           Pharrell Williams
         Let it Go                                        Frozen
         A Team                                          Ed Sheeran
         Paradise                                        Train
         Wide Awake                                   Katy Perry
         Someone Like You                         Adele
        Movies & Musicals           
         Over the Rainbow                         The Wizard of Oz
         Tomorrow                                       Annie
         Somewhere Out There                   An American Tale
         Memory                                           Cats
         Send in the Clowns                         A Little Night Music
         The Rainbow Connection               The Muppet Movie
         Look to the Rainbow                        Finnian’s Rainbow
         Colors of the Wind                           Pocohauntis
         Castle on a Cloud                            Les Miserable
         My Heart Will Go On                        Titanic
         Let it Go                                            Frozen
         Supremes Medley                Stop in the Name of Love
                                                      Where Did Our Love Go?
                                                      My Baby Love            and many other "Baby" songs               
         Beatles                                Maybe I’m Amazed
                                                      Let it Be
                                                      All You Need is Love
                                                      All Together Now
                                                      Here Comes the Sun

         Friends                                You’ve Got a Friend
                                                      Help From My Friends
                                                      Thank You For Being a Friend
         Blue                                     When Sunny Get’s Blue
                                                      Billie’s Blues                         
                                                      Blue Motel Room
         Streets so Flull of Blues        Dawna Hammers
         Medicine Woman
         Bungalow Baby  
         One Tear
         Just Ain’t Ready
         The Baker Hill Blues
         Sometimes the Pain
         Dance with You
         Playin’ in the Woods’
         Oh Baby, Baby                      
         Oo, Oo, Baby
         Still in my Dreams
         Shattered Dreams
         Follow Your Dreams
         How Could You?
         What is Your Direction?
         If Only Love
         I Believe in Our Love
         Morning Dove
         Dark Forces
         Spirit am I
         One Spirit
         For Every Spirit There's a Star
         Come to the Table
         Angels of the Earth
         People All Over this Planet
         Song for Jesse Carpenter
         The Ballad of Mary O"Brien
         Deep Inside
         It's a Wonderful Life
         What a World
         Go with the Flow
         Peaceful Resolution
         Japanese Crane Dance Song
         Peaceful Weapon Songs
         Don't Blow Us Up!
         Made in Hong Kong
         It's Allright
         Let it go
         There's so Much
         Little Boy
         Little Girl
         Little Bunny
         Climbing the Mountain of Love
         Meet you in the Middle
         Sliver & Gold
         Almost Home
         The Codependent Blues

         All My Heart

         Last Lullaby

        Cest' La Vie


        Feeling So Blue

        Train of Love

                            and many more!!

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